A Family Affair

So what do you do with 25 acres of remote jungle property on Costa Rica's Pacific coast? Retire, ideally. But sharing it with the world is a far more rewarding mission. Attila and Niki, a father-daughter duo, have combined their shared love of a healthy and active lifestyle with their shared gift for warm and genuine hospitality to create a truly unique destination vacation for adventurous souls. Niki has a vision and Attila has the technical know-how to make it all happen! Together, they have created a place where other families, fitness enthusiasts and business teams can come together and celebrate the inspiring beauty and endless bounty of this extraordinary tropical paradise.

The staff was the most personable of any resort I’ve ever been to. It really made it seem as if you were visiting their home and reinforced that feeling throughout the entire stay.
— Nick M.
It was the best of both worlds, feeling like we were renting our own private house, while also having access to a beautiful restaurant and pool and staff that truly made us feel welcome and like they were sharing their home and their favorite spot in the world with us.
— Z. Friedman