Where exactly is Rayos Del Sol?

We are located on the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Coast, in between the towns of San Juanillo and Ostional on Route 160, just 10km north of Nosara. The property sits up on top of a hill overlooking the ocean and a 10 minute walk to the black sand beaches of the Ostional Wildlife Refuge.


How do we get there?

You will need to fly into Liberia (LIR) airport. Most carriers have nonstop flights from major US hubs (Houston, Atlanta, Miami, New York) throughout the year. Then, we will arrange airport pickup and drop-off to Rayos depending on when your group arrives.


Do we need to rent a car?

Generally, we do not recommend renting cars, as insurance is expensive and the roads are not paved. We will be happy to arrange shuttles for your group to and from Liberia airport, and provide group transportation to activities throughout your stay. 


What should I bring with me?

Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, bug spray, a beach towel, refillable water bottle, flip flops and at least 1 pair of closed toe shoes (sneakers are fine). 


What are the accommodations like?

Lodging consists of spacious rooms in villas around our property, all equipped with air-conditioning. Most rooms offer private bathrooms and gorgeous jungle and/or ocean views! Depending on the room type, you may choose to share a double room with a friend, or enjoy your own private room if you prefer.


Is the tap water safe to drink?

Yes, the water comes from our own private well on the property and totally safe to drink, even from your bathroom faucet!


Will there be WiFi available?

Yes, there is Internet access at the restaurant and lounge area.


How many people can the property accommodate?

We can accommodate groups of anywhere from 15 to 45 guests. We have 20 bedrooms, with modular bed arrangements to offer comfortable housing for larger groups.


How Does Tipping Work?

Tips are always appreciated, but it's not always clear what's appropriate for each situation, especially when you're visiting another country. Below are suggested gratuities and guidelines for tipping drivers, guides, and service staff on and off property. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what feels appropriate.

Drivers - Rayos will handle gratuities for those shuttles included in your retreat package. If you find your driver particularly helpful, you can of course tip extra. All costs, including tip, for extra shuttles are the responsibility of the guest. The standard rate for gratuity is 10% of the fare.

Guides - This number can vary depending on the size of your group. For a smaller group, we recommend $10-20 per person - for larger groups, $5-10 per person should be sufficient.

Waitstaff - In Costa Rica there is a 10% service fee and a 13% sales tax added to all food and beverage tabs. While a few places include these in the price, most places add these charges on to your bill at the end. Many people feel that a 10% gratuity is insufficient and will add an additional 5-10% of the subtotal (pre tax and service charge) for tip.

At Rayos Del Sol, all tax and gratuity is included in the price for any beverages purchased at the Canopy Bar.

It is customary to tip the kitchen, garden and housekeeping staff for all of their hard work throughout your stay. All tips are pooled and shared evenly amongst the staff members. Chances are they've gone out of their way to make your stay a little bit easier and that much more special, so $5-$10 per day would be a reasonable gratuity for an individual guest to contribute to the staff pool.